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Nutrition with Freddy Brown

Elite Performance Nutrition - Get Fighting-Fit

Freddy Brown is a regular contributor on the Expert Panels of magazines such as Boxing News, Fighters Only, and Men’s Health and is an experienced Nutritionist for Combat Athletes. He has a wealth of experience from his own boxing career, as well as having supported a host of Amateur and Professional Elite Boxers, Mixed Martial Artists, and Olympic Wrestlers


Nutrition screening

Our training here at KO gets results; but appropriate nutrition will enable you to get the most from your work-outs.

  • Get help making weight
  • Assess your body fat levels and physique
    • Set personal goals
    • Sculpt your figure for optimal performance
  • Get a diet-plan tailored to your specific training regime – eat right and train smarter!
  • Food diary analysis
  • Local healthy fast food options
Bronze; £20 - 30minSilver; £40 - 45minGold: £75 - 60minPlatinum: £200

Includes free tasty and simple recipes

- Body-fat/muscle testing,
-Goal setting 

Includes a diet plan and timebound target setting

- Body-fat/muscle testing, 
-Goal setting with targets

-Diet-plan for KO training sessions Bronze, 30min consultations suitable for check-ups after initial meeting

Personalised diet plan for your individual training regime and dietary requirements

- Body-fat/muscle testing, 
-Goal setting with targets 
-Results-handout: Individual diet plan to consider: Training schedule 
-Dietary requirements 
-Healthy fast-food options 
-Food diary analysis

4 week plan for an event, wedding, race/competition etc. Includes...

-Unlimited remote support
-Individualised food plan
-1 x weekly check-up to fit with Freddy’s days – e.g. Mon/Wed/Fri (body-fat, lactate, heart rate analysis etc).


 Combat Specific:

  • Make weight for your fights – A “middle of the road” middleweight can often be a welter-belter!
  • Help weight-making while maintaining power
  • Nutrition for strength
  • Nutrition endurance training
  • Support recovery between training sessions tmaintain training-quality
  • Energy for fight-night - Pre/post weigh-in
  • Can provide fight-night eating plans, and put together travel-packs for distant shows


Freddy Brown









  • International Olympic Committee (IOC) Nutrition diploma
  • MSc (Oxon)Biochemistry
  • MSc (Distn.) Sports Physiology and Nutrition
  • GB Badminton (English Institute of Sport)
  • England Rugby-League
  • Experienced working with
    • GB boxing
    • Pro Boxers/MMA/Muay-Thai
    • GB Wrestling
    • UK Athletics
  • 3 time Oxford Blue/British Universities Light-Welterweight champion
  • Level 1 ABA boxing coach


Freddy is focused on scientifically validated strategies, and possesses the International Olympic Committee Sports Nutrition Diploma, as well as being an associate member of the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists and SENr.

You can book sessions with Freddy by emailing him on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by telephone on 07746 075161

Freddie is in every Thursday from 4pm-6pm and 7pm-9pm. Please contact Freddie if you need tsee him at any other times




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