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Intermediate Level

Intermediate/advanced level:

For advanced and experienced people who train and fight muay thai; Intermediate/advanced level everything should come natural. Warm up with skipping with 1 min intervals which consist of 10 burpies, press ups, sit ups and jump squats then skipping straight away Or running 1/2 hr before the class starts

Technical building up combinations and setting them up to use when light sparring so you can work them out to use on your opponent. Concepts are now highly tecnical and come as second nature.

Pad: drilling in combinations, so you should be able execute 3, 4, 5, and 6 shot combinations easily on the pads.

Conditioning: Working on pad and bag, being able to execute combos for when you spar, also getting fitness level up to a position where fighting becomes easy and where a 5 x 2 minute bout is comfortable.

Sparring: getting that feel for while your in the ring, sparring again gets you fit and pushes you up if you want to get better and become a oro or amateur level fighter.

Becoming a trainer (Kru) - Some members will have a natural affinity with people and will have an interest in training others. Such individuals stand out at this level and are approached (invitation only) to join a coaching programme where they learn to become a Kru. Minimum requirement is to be an accomplished amateur or C class or above fighter and/or over 10 years experience in martial arts in general, having taught to a high level in another art.

After each session there are 100-200 sit ups and 100 neck lifts and 100 kicks on the bags for conditioning.

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