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Intro Level classes are for complete beginners to Muay Thai, you may be completely unfit, hell you may even not be able to run for a bus! We take you through the basics of Muay Thai concentrating on shape and balance, teaching you the basic strikes using elbows, knees, hands and kicks. We up your fitness levels by working on skipping, warm up drills and basic conditioning. After a few months in the intro class you will be ready to continue your adventure in Muay Thai.

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Having moved up from the Intro level or having Muay Thai experience in another club you will now be in the General level. Your fitness will have improved and training becomes more rigorous. We introduce more complex combinations on the pads and technical work introduces the clinch and elbow techniques. In the general level you can start sparring for competition or technical competence. By the end of your spell in the General level you may even compete in the ring in an Interclub match to get a taste of life in the ring.

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Intermediate and Fighters

For advanced and experienced people who train and fight Muay Thai. In the intermediate/fighters level everything should come natural. You may be competing or on a path to become a trainer or coach. Training is very tough with 100 sit-ups and press ups the norm, followed by 100 kicks per leg on the bag. This is the real deal. The fighter classes are strictly invitation only and happen in the mornings at 9:30am in East London.

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Evening Standard Bar of the Year 2006
Sunday 16 December, 6pm until 10.30pm

Green & Red Bar
51 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6LH

Nearest tube: Bethnal Green and Liverpool Street Station
or take the No.8 bus straight outside
do not miss it......

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WKN News

WKN - World champion Riyadh Al Azzawi - London
The WKN’s long wait was over for for an event back in London - since Ali-Jacko was the king of the square ring promotions there. Brothers Riyadh and Mohammed Al Azzawi topped the bill at the Porchester hall in London. The packed hall witnessed scenes of old as a full international fight card of kickboxing was on display. Top of the bill was England’s Riyadh Al Azzawi ( IRAK.UK) faced Poland’s world champion Tomasz Borowiec in what was dubbed by many as the fight of the night.

K-1 MAX Europe

Mariusz Cie?li?ski (Polska) K-1 MAX Europe

 Mariusz Cie?li?ski

more information on this Fight And the video Click  Here


UFC Gym Events -21/Feb/2009

 Contac Kru Bill at Bethnal Green Gym For Tickets and More Information

UFC Titel Contender W Silva Seminar

Remy Bonjasky

European Championships 2009

England Team

England Team

Those pictured are: Jack Griffin (Phraya Pichai), Viet Pham (Singto), Nadim Mea (KO), Ryan Rudkin (Team Manager), Ash Uddif (KO), Bill Judd (Team Head Coach), Anna Zucchelli (KO), Amanda Kelly (KO), Greg Wootton (KO).

Those not pictured who are also on the team:
Richard Gent (Phraya Pichai), Nathan Kitchen (Team Trainer), Julie Kitchen (Touchgloves), Lucy Payne (Touchgloves), Ranjit Dheer (Eagles Team Thai).

(Picture thanks to Malika Sqalli)

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Pad Work KO Gym presents MUAY THAI ADDICTS I - 31 May 2009

The next KO show will take place in Porchester Hall (Bayswater), the 31 May 2009.

The doors will open at 4:30pm and the 1st fight will start at 5pm

In the main event, David Pacquette from KO Gym London faces Saro Presti from Italy for the WKN World Super Welterweight Muay Thai title. This will be fought over 5 rounds of 3 minutes under Full Thai Rules (knees and elbows to the head allowed).

Highlights of David Pacquette’s career include English, British and World Championship Titles. He has fought the top fighters in the UK as well as some of the best Thai fighters including Samkor Keatmonthep. While training in Thailand, David featured in the famous Rajadamnern stadium in Bangkok. Then in 2008, he represented the UK in the first season of ‘The Contender Asia’ (a televised international Muay Thai tournament broadcast worldwide).

Saro “The Sicilian Don” Presti is the Italian representative in The Contender Asia season 2. Saro has fought in prestigious tournaments including the Kombat League World Cup. He was also the first Italian to reach the final of the K-1 World Max in 2008.

Mariusz Cielinski from KO Gym Poland is a very experienced and well known fighter: 290 fights, ISKA World Champion, winner of the WAKO-Pro amateur championships, featured in K-1 Max Europe GP 2008. Tonight he faces Marc Brown from Crawley MT for another A Class fight under Full Thai rules. Marc Brown won the English Title and recently collected the bronze medal at the Kombat League World Cup in Rimini, Italy.

Attila Boros vs Wendell Roche should be another intense fight this evening. Originally from Hungary and fighting for KO Bloodline, Attila Boros featured in the K-1 European League, in the heavyweight category. His opponent, Wendell Roche, trains in Team Aerts in Holland. He should be feeling confident after his recent win in the prestigious show “It’s Show Time Oktagon 2009” in Milan.

Some more of the action will showcase local talents: notably Greg Wootton (KO) and Adam Lee Mason (Keddles) who will fight for the UKMF British Title, as well as Martin Goik (KO), Arnold Oborotov (KO) and Kerrith Bhella (Firewalker).

Come and support them!

Tickets are available from Bill Judd (KO Bethnal Green) 07956 578449, Paul Murat (KO Clapton) 07989 454557 and Tim Izli 07836 624108



David Pacquette (KO) vs Saro Presti (Italy) 70kg, 5x3mn, Full Thai Rules

Attila Boros (KO Bloodline) vs Wendel Roche (Holland) + 95kg, 3x3mn, K1 Rules

Mariusz Cielinski (KO Poland) vs Mark Brown (Crawley MT) 60kg, 5x3mn, Full Thai Rules

Martin Goik (KO) vs Kerrith Bhella (Firewalker) 67kg, 3X3mn, K1 Rules



Greg Wootton (KO) vs Adam Lee Mason (Keddles) 63kg, 5X2mn

Arnold Oborotov (KO Bloodline) vsTBC 85 kg, 5X2mn



Isabelle Aranega (KO) vs Carla Sullivan (Semtex) 52kg 5X2 mn

Joseph Varela (KO Bloodline) vs Dave Lythe (Pegasus) 62kg, 5X2mn

Annabelle Gely (KO) vs TBC 5X2mn

Tanat Tiraposin (KO) vs Martin Rowe (Benfleet MT) 70kg - 5X1.5mn

Ruqsana Bequn (KO) vs Natasha Sollaman (Cobra Gym) 51kg - 5x1.5 mn

Mark Sugrue (KO) vs Dan Theobald (Benfleet MT) 68kg - 5X1.5mn

Claudia Celder (KO) vs Lisa Smith (Benfleet MT) 58 kg - 5X1.5mn

Anirbar Basar (Cobra) vs Kaz Azim (Krisana) 57 kg - 5 x 1.5mins

TBC (Cobra) vs Komey Tetteh (Eagles TT) 84kg, 5X1.5mn

Muaythai Addicts I "Results"

David Pacquette (KO) & Saro Presti (Italy)


On Sunday 31st of May, in front a sold-out crowd at the Porchester Hall, David Pacquette became the new WKN World Champion (70kg).

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  • NO NEED TO BOOK, just turn up
  • You need to wear LOOSE FITTING CLOTHES, no kit required at first, you can borrow equipment at the gym
  • PRICES - Central London 
  • TIMES -  Central London
  • If you have not been to a Thai Boxing class before, you must go to an INTRO CLASS, otherwise please consult a trainer.
  • We do not do contracts or direct debits. You can pay monthly by card or cash; or PAYG

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