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Intro Level classes are for complete beginners to Muay Thai, you may be completely unfit, hell you may even not be able to run for a bus! We take you through the basics of Muay Thai concentrating on shape and balance, teaching you the basic strikes using elbows, knees, hands and kicks. We up your fitness levels by working on skipping, warm up drills and basic conditioning. After a few months in the intro class you will be ready to continue your adventure in Muay Thai.

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Having moved up from the Intro level or having Muay Thai experience in another club you will now be in the General level. Your fitness will have improved and training becomes more rigorous. We introduce more complex combinations on the pads and technical work introduces the clinch and elbow techniques. In the general level you can start sparring for competition or technical competence. By the end of your spell in the General level you may even compete in the ring in an Interclub match to get a taste of life in the ring.

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Intermediate and Fighters

For advanced and experienced people who train and fight Muay Thai. In the intermediate/fighters level everything should come natural. You may be competing or on a path to become a trainer or coach. Training is very tough with 100 sit-ups and press ups the norm, followed by 100 kicks per leg on the bag. This is the real deal. The fighter classes are strictly invitation only and happen in the mornings at 9:30am in East London.

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Blood and Glory - 17th November - Results

KO Blood and Glory

A fantastic night of Muay Thai at York Hall brought thrills and spills in equal measure. Good performances were on show from our K1 specialists with Alfie producing some stunning non-orthodox kicks and winning by a mile and Roberto showing great technique and shape to win his match comfortably.

Zeeshan won a tough bout and is quickly becoming a real force at 65kg, an unsung member of the gym whose respectful demeanor and help with the fighters at the gym is greatly respected.

Ash Uddin fought well but once again struggles to find anyone at his weight and was giving away a good 5kg on the night. The technical skills on show were of the highest order, and well done to his strong Swedish opponent.

Yahia fought brilliantly and most neutrals thought he had won the bout against Kyle Helleur with a great display of kicks and throws in the clinch. The judges disagreed and gave it to Kyle, so wekk done to Kyle and his team.

Leon in his first C-class worked well against a much larger opponent at short notice, it was light-heavy wieght against super-heavy and the height difference was just too great. Leon was raring to go after the fight and looks forward to fighting at his weight.

Elsewhere Jose from KO Bloodline took a shot from nowhere but was always respectful in defeat, well done to his french opponent Alex Wallace. KO South produced some of the most solid performances of the night, well done to Adam, Jonathan, and Gavin.

So a mixed night with some wonderful action, the crowd left into the night knowing they had been entertained.


  • NO NEED TO BOOK, just turn up
  • You need to wear LOOSE FITTING CLOTHES, no kit required at first, you can borrow equipment at the gym
  • PRICES - Central London 
  • TIMES -  Central London
  • If you have not been to a Thai Boxing class before, you must go to an INTRO CLASS, otherwise please consult a trainer.
  • We do not do contracts or direct debits. You can pay monthly by card or cash; or PAYG

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